General Alignment Beliefs

Note: This is just a brief outline of each alignment and what “they” believe in regards to the present threats around them. This is liable to change, but it will give an idea of what beliefs are playable. The “they” mentioned above pertains to the chief and minor deities that associate with that alignment. These deities are still being created and the the advantages and disadvantages for their devout believers are also forthcoming.

Chaos: These gods see the new coming as a threat to their existence and power, and hope that by destroying they will create a clean slate where they will control their own destiny. Non-playable

Chaotic Good
Followers find the thoughts of destruction and death appalling, however they use them because it’s believed to be for the greater good.
Chaotic Neutral
Followers promote destruction and death simply because they’ve witnessed the atrocities of the world and believe that the planet’s death is inevitable.
Chaotic Evil
Followers destroy and kill because that’s what’s normal to them. They are the most brutal and lethal of the group.

Neutral: These god are holding on to their previous ideals, holding on to hopes that the new coming is simply a false prophecy. They believe that once the false prophecy does come and go, that life will return to normal and everyone will resolve their differences. Playable

Neutral Good
Followers believe that life on the planet is good presently and it hopes to preserve that natural order in good ways, however rules can be bent.
Neutral Neutral
Followers see both sides as dangerous and do not take a stand either way. Their primary concern is their survival in the present. Law and Chaos both appear to be very dangerous.
Neutral Evil
Followers typically look out only for themselves however, during this time of planetary upheaval, they have no desire to squander their current power because they don’t see any immediate benefit for doing so.

Law: These gods embrace the coming and strive to create (and maintain) because they believe that their obedience will be rewarded richly. Non-playable

Lawful Good
Follower believe vehemently for good and creation and stand tall against the chaos gods. Due to their religious adamance many followers view neutral believers as weak-willed and that their negligence makes them somewhat expendable.
Lawful Neutral
Followers create simply to offset the destruction from the chaos gods. While they don’t desire to garner any benefit out of it, they do believe that they must help out the other lawful gods in order to maintain social order.
Lawful Evil
Followers typically despise creation however they see this as an opportunity to gain more power. While they agree to work together for the overall creation leading up to the coming, they have every intention to twist the rules to their benefit when the time is right.

General Alignment Beliefs

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